Nerf Value Pack – Get Nerf Guns With 2x the Darts! Limited Time!

From time to time Hasbro offers a few of their toy guns sold in a special Nerf value package. These special value packages often include additional bonus such as: extra clips, additional accessories, another blaster, or in this case, extra arrows!

Nerf has just come out with these special price packages, so they should be on store shelves and available online by mid-2010 and later as long as there are still offers. As soon as they sell out, they will no longer be there, and Nerf will be continuing to cook special packages.

The 2010 special agreement is called "Double Your Darts." Choose Nerf guns to label with the "Double Your Darts" sign next to the box, and 6.5 creedmoor ammo each box will be ... you, you guessed it - 2x arrows! So, although a Nerf rifle like the Raider CS-35 will usually be sold for only 35 arrows, Now, thanks to the sale of "Double Your Darts", it will come with 70.

So, as already mentioned, what explosives will be part of this Nerf gun sale?

N-Strike Raider - new since 2009, Raider comes with a really cool 35 round drum. It also has a cool digital camo painting job, which was the first to play it. Comes with collapsible stock.

N-Strike Vulcan - the first electronic blaster from Hasbro's labs. Vulcan is great in size and firepower. It is fed with a 25 round ammo belt.

N-Strike Maverick - One of the most famous Nerf rifles ever. This toy gun is a 6 round blaster with features and a self-propelled barrel. Just explode and shoot and after shooting the ammo cylinder will rotate.

N-Strike Recon - One of the first explosives to come with a host of resources for Nerfer to reach their blaster. Sites go out, trash goes out, heck, stock goes out. Uber is customizable and fun to play with.

Just remember, these expensive packages will not sell long, so get yours today. If you ever wanted to get a Vulcan or a Raider, but you tried to get one, here is your chance to get it twice the number of arrows. The best part - those arrows are free! Get the Nerf Value Pack and get your money's worth!

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